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If Tanwen Were Another Class…

WARNING: This is a post full of fifteen million different items. I did not provide a link to them because a.) there are fifteen million and b.) WoWHead can conveniently provide you with all the links you need!

Ah, playing another class.

I have tried. In fact, I was a mage for the first year and a half of my WoW career. Not a very good mage, mind you, but a mage. Then I dabbled as a hunter.

And then I rolled Tanwen.

After that, it was all over. Priest after priest after priest. Two Sin’dorei at 80, one human (then Sin’dorei, soon back to human) at 80, one draenei in mid-50s, and various other races scattered across servers.

I’ve tried leveling other characters. In fact, I have my hunter at 80 and my shaman at 80. My mage, my DK, and my druid are all wallowing in the mid-70’s, all but forgotten.

But Tanwen… Tanwen is my favorite, by far. But what if she were other classes?

She would be very stylish.

In several cases, things have been chosen strictly for color scheme or matching purposes. I’ve also included cloth interpretations that I could actually acquire for Tanwen should she need to dress up as some other class. Most of the cloth outfits are more “around town and casual” than battle armor, as finding cloth to mimic mail and plate eludes me.

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The Closet of a Malevolent Noblewoman

Lady Allandrya Hildebrand Courcel is a Kul Tiran noblewoman rumored to be in her mid-thirties, but I wouldn’t suggest attempting to confirm her age with her. She adheres to a strict set of rules regarding interaction, conduct, speech, and of course attire. She is polite and cordial, her presence befitting a woman of her station. If you ask her profession, she will feign a yawn and preface the explanation with a quip about it being terribly boring to those not involved in the field, but that she specializes in the destruction and subsequent reassembly of magical components into useful items or compounds. She enjoys long rides through Duskwood, fine Dalaran wines, and ritual torture.


An alchemist and demonologist, Lady Courcel has used her free time and fortune-by-marriage to further her studies in both the arcane and the arts only whispered about in dark allies and musty dungeons. A connoisseur of imported wines, her flasks and bottles are rumored to contain somewhat more than the purported sparkling white wine. Those that imbibe her offered spirits have spoken of memory lapses, strange desires, and… well… some haven’t been able to speak at all.

But you’re not here to read about my devious warlock noble, are you?

Of course not.

So instead of continuing to wax Mary Sue about my current favorite RP character, I will instead present: The Closet of a Malevolent Noblewoman.

“Shut up and drink the wine, darling.”

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Priest Tier Sets Part 1

While it’s likely that I will mostly write entries about non-tier items (read: anyone can use them!), I thought I should get my tier collection out of the way.

Currently, I have: 8/8 Tier .5 (D2), 8/8 Tier 1, 8/8 Tier 2, 5/5 Tier 2.5, and 7/8 Tier 6. I have also had complete sets of Tier 7 (both 10 and 25), 8, and 9, but in the interest of bank space, have long-since vendored all but the robes and, in some cases, shoulders. I also have a robe for Tier 4 and 5.

Priest tier is overall pretty amazing! From the soft yellow/white of D2 to the sinister visage of Tier 6, WoW’s consummate healer has been fortunate enough to avoid the extreme fashion faux pas (unlike our sometimes-healing counterpart, paladins… banana shoulders anyone?). While warlocks typically have extremely detailed moving/glowing/wingspanning sets, priests have enjoyed a reputation of stylish and classy tier gear.

Sidenote: Tanwen has been and always will be a Sin’dorei. All of the pre-BC tiers were collected at level 70 and above.

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