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Priest Tier Sets Part 1

While it’s likely that I will mostly write entries about non-tier items (read: anyone can use them!), I thought I should get my tier collection out of the way.

Currently, I have: 8/8 Tier .5 (D2), 8/8 Tier 1, 8/8 Tier 2, 5/5 Tier 2.5, and 7/8 Tier 6. I have also had complete sets of Tier 7 (both 10 and 25), 8, and 9, but in the interest of bank space, have long-since vendored all but the robes and, in some cases, shoulders. I also have a robe for Tier 4 and 5.

Priest tier is overall pretty amazing! From the soft yellow/white of D2 to the sinister visage of Tier 6, WoW’s consummate healer has been fortunate enough to avoid the extreme fashion faux pas (unlike our sometimes-healing counterpart, paladins… banana shoulders anyone?). While warlocks typically have extremely detailed moving/glowing/wingspanning sets, priests have enjoyed a reputation of stylish and classy tier gear.

Sidenote: Tanwen has been and always will be a Sin’dorei. All of the pre-BC tiers were collected at level 70 and above.

Starting at the lowest tier I have (and also my latest accomplishment), Tier .5, otherwise known as Dungeon Set 2. There should be a 50 point Achievement for finishing this quest. Even at level 80, the man-hours that go into completing this quest series is… well, I prefer not to think about it. (I’m especially fond of the 8 piece bonus: +200 armor!)

Vestments of the Virtuous


Click to enlarge!



Next up, Tier 1! To me, Prophecy is the most “priesty” set of them all. In addition to Prophecy, I also have the three piece recolor, Primal Mooncloth.

Vestments of Prophecy


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Tier 2. Transcendence is sparkly, clean, and very vibrant. The holy fire coming from the helm is probably my favorite part.

Sidenote: The weapon picture is no longer obtainable. There is a level 80 version, Hammer of the Astral Plane.

Vestment of Transcendence
Hammer of the Twisting Nether


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Tier 2.5, or as I call it, the forgotten tier. No one in their right mind would farm Brood rep just for a little five piece set that 99% of the population considers hideous. I adore the crown and wish the model would be reused somewhere.

Garments of the Oracle
Gavel of Infinite Wisdom


Click to enlarge!



Now we’ll jump directly to Tier 6. I have had pieces of Tier 4 (by far my least favorite set) and several pieces of Tier 5. Tier 6 is certainly my favorite priest set. The bondage shoulders alone win the vote but the true hood model seals the deal.

Vestments of Absolution

Click to enlarge!

Sadly, I have deleted much of my WotLK tier. Tier 7 is simply a recolor of Tier 3 (which I always regret not getting), but the 25 man version is much prettier than the 10 man. Tier 8 looked a bit sketchy from the early preview videos but turned out amazing! The 10 man version is the best coloring, in my opinion, but blue is my favorite color. As for Tier 9, I have had both Horde and Alliance full sets and the Horde side of things definitely has the upper hand. From the menacing face mask to the Horde symbols on the shoulders, I was very disappointed to leave this set behind. And Tier 10. Currently, I wear the offset pieces from ICC that match priest hardmode Tier 10. The helm really ruins the overall look, so this is one of the rare occasions I don’t show my helm.

And there you have it! My summary of priest tiers.


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