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Bizarro Tanwen: Across Factions & Back Again

Bizarro Tanwen. You have been both human and blood elf. You have been shadow, holy, and discipline (sidenote: I am a terrible shadowpriest). You have been kidnapped, corrupted, engaged, mind-linked, suicidal, addicted to sleeping potions, nearly insane, obsessed, haunted, vengeful, and so many other random things that it’s a surprise that you’re not in therapy. You have cured a plague, killed in cold blood, survived Northrend, and returned as an entirely new you.

Now that Bizarro Tanwen is back to human (her little jaunt as a blood elf was a mistake, being that I never really got into the RP on WrA Horde-side), it was time to start documenting her outfits. This is by no means an exhaustive list but a sampling of my favorites. A lot of them us some of the same accessories (boots or bracers, for example) in the name of saving space in the bank.

So without further ado, Bizarro Tanwen’s fabulous closet! Her Flag and clothes after the jump.

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Diary of a Death Knight

It may look strange to have another post about Celarus… but this is a completely different Celarus, I assure you.

(Fun Fact: ‘Celarus’ was a randomly generated name I had for my troll hunter when I first started playing. She has since been deleted and her name lives on across multiple servers, classes, and factions.)

Celarus was a minor character in a Human Tanwen (also referred to as Bizarro Tanwen) storyline when the dear priestess was in the process of being corrupted by Fierine.

Celarus Brightamber, sister of Tanwen Brightamber, was a skilled swordswoman who volunteered to join the assault on and containment of the undead in the Plaguelands. She wrote letters home religiously at first but when the letters abruptly ceased to arrive, the Brightamber family feared the worst. Though no official confirmation was ever received, Celarus was presumed dead. The loss of her sister directly shaped Tanwen’s life from that point forward.

When Tanwen’s life grew increasingly complicated, an intimidating figure calling herself “The Messenger” appeared to both friend and foe alike. She commanded (upon threat of death) that Tanwen be protected at all costs, then disappeared.

The story the family doesn’t know, of course, is the grisly death of their beloved eldest daughter at the hands of a cruel necromancer and his minions. She fought tooth and nail and was, in fact, the last of her company standing when she was slain. As a final insult, the necromancer raised her in undeath and set her on the Lich King’s path. When Mograine claimed Acherus, she used her new-found skills to track down her sister and watch from a safe distance until things became a little too intense. Tanwen has still never seen Celarus in the flesh, as it were, despite her vivid dreams involving her sister appearing to relay important messages.

There was an epic permanent character death planned for Celarus but storylines have a way of playing themselves out before you’re ready, don’t they? She hasn’t assaulted, intimidated, or otherwise misbehaved for the better part of the year, so it was time for her to go. (Also, I will need a character slot for my worgen priestess, sooooo.)

But before her deletion, I thought it necessary to document her closet of both battlegarb and casualwear. While nothing particularly breathtaking (she’s just a level 58 DK after all), I spent quite a bit of time putting together some of her gear and wanted to share her various outfits before she disappeared forever.

Her FlagRSP entry and clothes after the jump!

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What To Do When Your Battlegroup Goes Down!

Ah, maintenance day. How I hate you. You swoop in on my day off and crush all my dungeon-grinding plans and…


My realm is down for 24 hours?

My whole battlegroup is down for 24 hours?!

Almost all of the servers that I frequent rest within the buggy Whirlwind battlegroup. Our time for the dreaded 24 hour maintenance is finally upon us.

Whatever will I do?

Why, play alts on other battlegroups, of course!

While I have very few characters outside of Whirlwind, I do have a few notable ones. And by “notable” I clearly mean “alts I have WoWBarbie’d”.

Namely, Celarus, level draenei 62 priest on Ysera-US.

Celarus began her life as a baby draenei on Eitrigg-US. Her name was Sitara and she was a drunken promise to help friends in Karazhan. Yes, that long ago. She stalled at level 50 and there she stayed. Until! Kiore and some other friends were playing on Ysera! So I transferred my little wannabe mana battery off to Ysera to forge a new life as a healer.

But along the way, something funny happened… her wardrobe grew… and grew… and grew.

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Ode To Healers

Ah, healers! The life of the party, so to speak.

Sometimes we kite things, sometimes we off-tank adds or bosses, sometimes we soak terrible debuffs. In the end, though, healers bring the green.

I have been a healer since mid-BC now, having long-abandoned my poor mage. Since rolling Tanwen as a joke, I have leveled two priests besides her to 80 and have another at 60. The priest/healer stereotype comments roll in but haters gonna hate. (This is not even mentioning my 80 resto shaman and 76 soon-to-be-resto druid…)

And so I present: An Ode To Healings Classes.

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Collecting “Useless” Items

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Sometimes you acquire things, both in game and out, that you cannot bring yourself to get rid of.

From movie ticket stubs to wristbands from concerts and raves, old tee shirts and various scraps of notes people have written me over the years, I have an awful time ditching things that are not useful in the slightest but hold some sort of sentimental value.

This obsession carries over into WoW.

A recent reorganization of my bank (due to the acquisition of Portable Holes in all my bagslots, thanks Yukora!), I began to realize that I not only have a lot of junk that I can’t wear, but I have a lot of junk people never even SEE.

Naturally, I have interactive accessories that I can lay out for all the world to see. This list includes the Brazier of Dancing Flames, Sen’jin Banner, Romantic Picnic Basket, Totem of Spirits, and my beloved Archmage Vargoth’s Staff. I have the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire, Tiny Voodoo Mask, Winterveil Disguise Kit, Iron Boot Flask, and a Time-Lost Figurine. A Monster Slayer’s Kit, Argent Warhorn, Commander’s Badge, a Brightbew Charm, Defender of the Timbermaw, and an Argent Tome. I still have my Blessed Medallion of Karabor and Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight. There are quest items I will never need again, such as the Unfinished Headpiece and Spectral Essence. Hell, I even have Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.s, Path of Cenarius, Little Ivory Raptor Whistle, and a Haunted Memento.

But what about the things that you hold onto that have no “on use” effect? No way to display them to the masses other than a link in /s and a fond story to tell?

Some of those items are my most interesting items in my collection.

First and foremost, something I will never get rid of: nine Splinter of Atiesh. During the Burning Crusade expansion, I was part of a group that ran Vanilla raids for fun. I picked up many random bits of gear, including my Necro-Knight’s Garb, and a Hand of Power. Some of them were recreated in WotLK Naxx (like the Hand of Power) and some were not (Necro-Knight’s Garb). But of all the things I picked up that are completely irreplaceable, my nine sparkling Splinters are my most treasured piece of ‘useless’ junk.

Second on the list: Scepter of the Shifting Sands. This white-quality item sits in my bank as a reminder of the grueling 3+ years of scrounging raid groups, deputizing friends, and collecting random crap in the name of Narain Soothfancy.

I have a small collection of books that I store in my bank as well. The War of the Shifting Sands, The Schools of Arcane Magic: Mastery, Brazier of Invocation: User’s Manual, Lament of the Highborne, and the Diary of Weavil. With the exception of Lament of the Highborne, these tomes are reminders of insane amounts of time and effort that I have put into this game.

Sylvanas’s Music Box commemorates Suffocation’s Shadowmourne and also my guild’s acknowledgement that I am completely insane for scraps of lore that I can keep in my bags.

Sataynia was cleaning out his bank the other day and had a few items he could stand to get rid of. It made me wonder: for those that aren’t obsessive collectors like us, what exactly do other people keep around? Any useless trinkets, silly ‘on use’ items, or just things that remind them of important times in the game?

A running tally of things that are awesome that serve me absolutely no purpose other than reminders of the thousands of hours I’ve spent in this game:

Splinter of Atiesh x 9
The War of the Shifting Sands
Brazier of Invocation: User’s Manual
The Schools of Arcane Magic: Mastery
Lament of the Highborne
Diary of Weavil
Direbrew’s Remote
Red Rider Air Rifle
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Race Controller
Winterveil Disguise Kit
Iron Boot Flask
Brazier of Invocation
Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer
The Scepter of the Shifting Sands
Blessed Medallion of Karabor
Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
Unfinished Headpiece
Spectral Essence
Argent War Horn
Commander’s Badge
Defender of the Timbermaw
Brightbrew Charm
Piccolo of the Flaming Fire
Monster Slayer’s Kit
Tiny Voodoo Mask
Arena Master
The Eye of Divinity
Argent Tome
Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.
Totem of Spirits
Romantic Picnic Basket
Brazier of Dancing Flames
Path of Cenarius
Little Ivory Raptor Whistle
Haunted Memento
Sen’jin Banner
Tiny Green Ragdoll
Sylvanas’s Music Box
Rope Pet Leash
Archmage Vargoth’s Staff
Titanium Seal of Dalaran
Banner of Provocation
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot

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