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Diary of a Death Knight

It may look strange to have another post about Celarus… but this is a completely different Celarus, I assure you.

(Fun Fact: ‘Celarus’ was a randomly generated name I had for my troll hunter when I first started playing. She has since been deleted and her name lives on across multiple servers, classes, and factions.)

Celarus was a minor character in a Human Tanwen (also referred to as Bizarro Tanwen) storyline when the dear priestess was in the process of being corrupted by Fierine.

Celarus Brightamber, sister of Tanwen Brightamber, was a skilled swordswoman who volunteered to join the assault on and containment of the undead in the Plaguelands. She wrote letters home religiously at first but when the letters abruptly ceased to arrive, the Brightamber family feared the worst. Though no official confirmation was ever received, Celarus was presumed dead. The loss of her sister directly shaped Tanwen’s life from that point forward.

When Tanwen’s life grew increasingly complicated, an intimidating figure calling herself “The Messenger” appeared to both friend and foe alike. She commanded (upon threat of death) that Tanwen be protected at all costs, then disappeared.

The story the family doesn’t know, of course, is the grisly death of their beloved eldest daughter at the hands of a cruel necromancer and his minions. She fought tooth and nail and was, in fact, the last of her company standing when she was slain. As a final insult, the necromancer raised her in undeath and set her on the Lich King’s path. When Mograine claimed Acherus, she used her new-found skills to track down her sister and watch from a safe distance until things became a little too intense. Tanwen has still never seen Celarus in the flesh, as it were, despite her vivid dreams involving her sister appearing to relay important messages.

There was an epic permanent character death planned for Celarus but storylines have a way of playing themselves out before you’re ready, don’t they? She hasn’t assaulted, intimidated, or otherwise misbehaved for the better part of the year, so it was time for her to go. (Also, I will need a character slot for my worgen priestess, sooooo.)

But before her deletion, I thought it necessary to document her closet of both battlegarb and casualwear. While nothing particularly breathtaking (she’s just a level 58 DK after all), I spent quite a bit of time putting together some of her gear and wanted to share her various outfits before she disappeared forever.

Her FlagRSP entry and clothes after the jump!

“Celarus is tall and lean, with dark hair (with tiny sparkles of ice clinging to any loose ends) contrasting her creamy skin. Her well-toned muscles border on bulky and serve to cut an intimidating figure when facing this woman in say, a dark alley, or perhaps on a battlefield. Her glowing eyes are serene, almost frighteningly so, yet her body is coiled like snake, looking as if at any moment she may strike.

Typically she is found in simple armor, clean but clearly aged and well-used. More often than not, everything below her eyes is obscured by a mask.

She is very obviously a death knight.”

Despite being an obvious death knight (I am disheartened that I had to even add that to her flag, but with the 2304745 not-a-death-knight death knights running around, I felt it was important to make sure it was known that she is, in fact, a death knight), Celarus still acquired appropriate city clothing.

These are two variations of her most common city outfit.

Stylish Black Shirt
Scalemail Belt (for cloth-wearers, this would also be Arcane Sash)
Azure Silk Pants
Shadoweave Pants
Buccaneer’s Boots

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!

For some reason, I thought Celarus might need a dress or two.

Frostweave Robe
Buccaneer’s Boots

Click to enlarge!

Cindercloth Robe
Cindercloth Gloves
Cindercloth Boots

Click to enlarge!

I wish this set were a bit darker, but I think it looks pretty worn, which would fit with something she would wear. Well-used but also well-cared for leathers.

Dark Leather Tunic
Dark Leather Pants
Dark Leather Boots

Click to enlarge!

Ahhh yes. Armor. I won’t lie, some of her plate has the “metal bikini” thing going on.

Shadoweave Mask
Revenant Chestplate
Revenant Leggings
Revenant Boots
Runed Soulblade (DK only!)

Click to enlarge!

Outlander’s Facewrap
Thorium Armor
Thorium Belt
Thorium Bracers
Thorium Leggings
Thorium Boots
Runed Soulblade (DK only!)

Click to enlarge!

These are the two outfits she typically appeared to people in. The second one is by far my favorite.

White Bandit Mask
Ebonhold Armor
Scalemail Belt
Ebonhold Gauntlets
Ebonhold Leggings
Ebonhold Boots
Darksteel Bastard Sword (with Icy enchant)

Click to enlarge!

White Bandit Mask
Scalemail Vest
Stylish Black Shirt
Formidable Cape
Blackforge Pauldrons
Scalemail Belt
Scalemail Bracers
Scalemail Gloves
Scalemail Pants
Scalemail Boots
Darksteel Bastard Sword (with Icy enchant)

Click to enlarge!

Ah, Celarus. For a minor character, you were actually a very important person. It’s likely that your disappearance, reappearance, and subsequent re-disappearance will continue to plague Tanwen until the end of days.


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