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Where It All Begins, Again.

While my pixelfashion obsession started pretty much when I rolled my old main, it wasn’t fully catalogued (at the time, anyway; I’m not sure I have the space to screenshot and document every outfit across every character at this point) until mid-2009. I was in a hardcore progression guild, raiding four nights a week and downing server firsts. But… what exactly does one do once everything is on farm and the next tier of content won’t be out for awhile?

I found the answer in a LiveJournal community, WoW_Ladies. I had been a member there pretty much since I started playing WoW but never really posted. But one day I screenshotted my collection as it stood then and posted it up for all to see. This inspired my post about my mount collection at the time (which will probably come in another post, I have roughly 30+ more mounts now) and, eventually, led to the idea of having a blog about my clothes.

And that leads me to this post. A little walk down memory lane, if you will, back before I completed any of my tier sets or acquired some weapons that I had been farming for consistently. So here it is, my ‘collection’ when I really thought it was complete. Man, was I wrong.

(I don’t have outfit links for these outfits, as I don’t have a complete listing of their components, but sometimes it’s just fun to look, right?)


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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I live in a relatively warm (read: 115 degree F summers) area because, well, I don’t like the cold/rain/fog/snow in other places.  We get snow roughly every five years and it’s basically flakes floating peacefully to the ground before turning into puddles.  But it’s been freezing here this winter and that got me thinking about some of my characters and what they wear in cold climates.

Story-wise, only two of my characters have spent significant amounts of time in Northrend (Tanwen and Etana).  While Etana’s Northrend attire consists of mostly heavy plate armor, Tanwen definitely dressed more for travel.  I know I’ve talked about Tanwen’s Northrend clothing briefly in a previous post, but I am definitely inspired by the need to actually use the scarves I bought more for fashion than function.

Basically, just a mini-update with a couple of my favorite cold-weather cloth outfits.

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Happy 2011!

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Happy New Year, pixel fashionistas!  I hope to have a lot more content in the coming year and look forward to sharing my outfits with anyone who actually reads this.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and beyond!

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