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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I live in a relatively warm (read: 115 degree F summers) area because, well, I don’t like the cold/rain/fog/snow in other places.  We get snow roughly every five years and it’s basically flakes floating peacefully to the ground before turning into puddles.  But it’s been freezing here this winter and that got me thinking about some of my characters and what they wear in cold climates.

Story-wise, only two of my characters have spent significant amounts of time in Northrend (Tanwen and Etana).  While Etana’s Northrend attire consists of mostly heavy plate armor, Tanwen definitely dressed more for travel.  I know I’ve talked about Tanwen’s Northrend clothing briefly in a previous post, but I am definitely inspired by the need to actually use the scarves I bought more for fashion than function.

Basically, just a mini-update with a couple of my favorite cold-weather cloth outfits.

Click to enlarge!

Click to view the outfit!

The Arcane set looks like warm, supple leather to me.  Despite being cloth, it looks somewhat rogue-y but still extremely comfy.

Click to enlarge!

Click to view the outfit!

The Sorcerer’s set (or pieces of it, anyway) look a bit like a casual yet passably wintery set.  The pants are a dark indigo that almost look like jeans.  I prefer the Mistscape Boots over the Sorcerer’s Slippers but that’s just preference.  And as always, the Arcane Sash makes an appearance, as does the Sleeveless T-Shirt.

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!

Click to view the outfit!

A nice, dark green offsets the light tan and white of the vest/shirt in this set.  I think the gloves look especially warm, though the shirt might be a bit too thin to be considered suitable for winter wear.

I have a few other things in the works as far as posts go; I’ve been leveling my troll mage (my former main that wallowed around the mid-70’s until this expansion) and have some ideas for her, as well as for some of the awesome new robes from this expansion.  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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