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… whoa.

My blog doesn’t really get a lot of hits.  Maybe… 20-30 per day?  Average.  Maybe more, maybe less.


So imagine my utter shock when I looked at the last few days of traffic and saw my hits climbing to 300, then 400, and then hitting almost 600 yesterday.


I don’t know how this happened.  So, new visitors, I ask… where are you coming from?  How did you find my humble corner of the internets?


Updates are coming.  My baby hunter is 66 and nearing the completion of her themed stable… and oh yes, I’ve been working on outfits, most of which are completely different from Abriella’s; my new hunter is very much the survivalist/marksman while Abriella is very clearly a beast master.  I’ve been having some trouble with my goblin priestess, as the goblin model doesn’t do much for me in many ways (the waist folds in on itself and things look ridiculous!).  Other than that, here’s what Real Tanwen has been up to:


Click to enlarge!


Oh, Tier 6.  I can’t wait to transmogrify you onto EVERYTHING.

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I’m Still Here!

Assuming people still check for updates, I just wanted to drop a line that I am working a few different characters at the moment that present lots of LOTS of fun outfit opportunities.  I have a paladin at 71 that may end up being my first plate-wearer to max level, a mid-30’s hunter that is taming all rares, and a priest (shocker!) on a PvP server that will… uh… have PvP gear.  Anyway!  I have also overhauled Abriella’s stable and will be posting up a new list of her companions.  (I’ve been reading the forums over on Petopia waaaaay too much.)


In the mean time, here’s Tanwen kickin’ it with an old school buddy on Mount Hyjal:

Click to enlarge!



Stay tuned!

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