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Prepping For Transmogrification: Alliance Edition

Getting ready to ‘mog all my characters has been a very fun… and very frustrating… experience.  For some of my girls, all of their outfits have been ready to go for years (literally, years) because I’m such a packrat.  For others, though, it has been a slog through old content week in and week out, trying to get that one final piece to complete the outfit (Staff of Immaculate Recovery, I’m looking at you! /shakesfist).  That being said, I have not completed Real Tanwen’s ‘mog sets yet because there are a few key items missing (such as the aforementioned staff, Chronicle of Dark Secrets, Apostle of Argus, and Crystal Spire of Karabor… wow, I have really bad luck with weapons, eh?) and I don’t feel like the sets are complete until I have them.  My Alliance girls, however, seem to be pretty set for outfits.

With four Alliance ladies at 85, I was prepared to have to farm quite a bit for what I wanted.  Apparently not!  Some, like Bizarro Tanwen, had everything they needed in their bank.  Others, like my hunters, just needed a quick trip to the AH to complete their sets.

Follow the jump to see all four girls in all five outfits!

***A note before we get started: Since most of my characters wear robes, there will often times be a link missing pants and (possibly) bracers; this is because they are not visible with the outfit.

Wicked & Illusory: Velanthria Wylde

Velanthria Wylde (formerly Lady Allandrya Hildebrand Courcel) embodies all that is wrong with Azeroth: a self-serving and manipulative noble with an entitlement complex, Velanthria brings to mind dark grey and black, with jeweled accents and of course a monocle.

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

Click for outfit link!

Rough & Uninhibited: Abriella Delaunay

Mogging for Abs is going to be very difficult.  As you may remember from the post about her, she mostly wears leather in character.  Since we won’t be able to transmog across armor classes, this made deciding on an outfit extremely difficult.  Couple that with the fact that she almost never wears gloves (only bracers, to double as an arrow guard) and it was an exercise in frustration.  I browsed her bank, which includes some S1 Arena gear and hunter Tier 4, and decided to go a with a mix-n-match mail set that (hopefully) conveys her personality.  Assuming that the “no melee weapons for hunters” change goes through in MoP, I’m not including her melee weapons, though I would probably have a Nexus-Claw and Void Talon on her, since the Right-Handed Claw and Left-Handed Claw are white-quality and therefore could not be mogged.  Abriella is pictured with Sileny.

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

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Dedicated & Well-Disciplined: Salyra Delaunay-Somerville

My newest hunter, the widow Salyra is indeed Abriella’s old sister.  She is very militaristic and served in both the Outland and Northrend campaigns.  She returns to Honor Hold regularly to offer aid where she can.  She is pictured with Halcyon.

Click to enlarge!
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Empathetic & Divided: Tanwen Brightamber

Oh, Tanwen.  What is there to say about Tanwen?  She is still the same crazy priestess she’s always been, torn between the Light and the Shadow.  Her Discipline transmog is a little generic, I admit, but I have some more ideas cooking.  I didn’t want her Shadow ‘mog to be too dark and evil (although I guess I could have done full Dreadmist, ha!) but maybe a little… cult-y?  Yes.  A little cult-y.

Click to enlarge!

Click for outfit link!

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Click for outfit link!

So there are the Alliance ladies.  Stay tuned for my Horde sets as well, including my pesky goblin.


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  1. Looking lovely! I particularly like Salyra’s outfit. It looks quite practical. 🙂

    Comment by kamaliaetalia | November 3, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank ye. 🙂 Abriella is pretty easy-going and casual, so she’s easy to dress, character-wise (not ‘mog wise, though, ugh). Salyra was a little more complex because I wanted something that looked almost like a uniform of sorts while still affording ease of movement, since she’s a marksman. The top is a little risque but she can pretty clearly move around in it, so overall, I’m happy. 😀

      Comment by Tanwen | November 3, 2011 | Reply

      • Well, if it was me making the outfit, I would pop in a Gray Woolen Shirt under that top, and tada! Less risque, and even more functional/practical looking 😉

        Comment by kamaliaetalia | November 30, 2011

      • Or maybe a Brown Linen Shirt or Rustic Workman’s Shirt — those would work nicely, too, I think, because of the brown trim/leather strapping on the rest of the items.

        Comment by kamaliaetalia | November 30, 2011

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