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TYI Day 1: Favorite Hangout

Through Your Interface (TYI) is the brainchild of Saz.  It’s a bit old (apparently started in May?!) but I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile.  A post a day for 15 days detailing special moments, places, and other minutiae about your characters.

Doing a TYI for me is sort of fun, because I have both RP and non-RP characters to use for this exercise.

The first day of TYI makes the differences between these characters painfully obvious.  While my WrA characters have specific hangouts for character reasons, Tanwen’s hangout is… uh.  Sort of more utility.

Real Tanwen: The Wyvern’s Tail

Click to enlarge!

When 4.0 first dropped, I was totally lost in the new Orgrimmar.  For one, I had just spent two years living in Dalaran and two years in Shattrath before that, so I had a hard time grasping that I would be spending the next two years in Orgrimmar again.  Kiore said he would take me back to the inn he was bound at and show me around.  And thus, Tanwen live at The Wyvern’s Tail.

I wish Tanwen’s life at The Wyvern’s Tail was as glamorous as that screenshot.  She usually looks like this:

Click to enlarge!

Bizarro Tanwen: The Library

Click to enlarge!

As usual, human Tanwen isn’t as interesting as belf Tanwen.  The library in the Cathedral is a pretty good spot to begin your search if you need to find her.  Books and solitude, two things she craves.

Abriella: The Salty Sailor

Click to enlarge!

Ah, another bar-faring girl.  My grog-swilling sailor-mouthed hunter tends to hang out down in Booty Bay, looking for work and enjoying the cheap booze.  Seen above with Solana.

Salyra: Honor Hold

Click to enlarge!

Sal did a quite a tour in Outland before being shipped off for her brief stint in Northrend.  She got to know the people of Honor Hold and enjoys the weather there much more than she did in the frozen north.  Seen above with Ace.

Velanthria: The Slaughtered Lamb

Click to enlarge!

What self-respecting warlock doesn’t hang out at the Lamb?  Okay, a lot, but really!  Since Velanthria’s house became a quest hub in Cataclysm, she’s a bit lost for a place to hang her hat on a regular basis.  But somehow, she always winds up back at the Lamb.


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