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TYI Day 3: Representing You

Through Your Interface (TYI) is the brainchild of Saz.  It’s a bit old (apparently started in May?!) but I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile.  A post a day for 15 days detailing special moments, places, and other minutiae about your characters.

Representing You is a fun one because it asks for either a screenshot or a real-life picture.  Which one will I choose?!

Real Tanwen: Darkness & Light

Click to enlarge!

There exists a place in the game where I can have what I always wanted… Tanwen in Absolution with a Cursed Vision of Sargeras.  To be fair, this exists during a quest in Felwood and goes away when you turn it in.  So I feel this screenshot represents Tanwen the most… her Absolution is the healy kind but there’s a certain, uh… aura… about her with that blindfold on.

Real LIFE Tanwen: Horde4Life

Click to enlarge!

Yeah, I went there.

Yes, yes, I know I have a ton of Alliance characters I post about here, too.  But my heart belongs to the Horde.

The tattoo in general represents quite a bit, though, regardless of the faction symbol.  It represents thousands of hours (on Real Tanwen, for example, over 4200) spent working on “virtual” goals in a “virtual” world with “virtual” people.  But while the game is just a game, the people are real.  People I talked to on a regular basis, people I have met, people whose houses I have been to and will visit again.  The beauty of WoW is that the idea of slaying dragons draws you in but the people keep you there.

❤ you Ashes.

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