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WootLoots: +1!

I interrupt these irregularly scheduled TYI’s to bring you a short commercial break.


It’s not actually a commercial, but more of a personal endorsement.

Because WoWInsider has been doing the 12 Days of Winter Veil, they have had items donated from a  TCG loot site,  As they are clearly endorsed by WoWInsider (and WoWTCGLoot was out of an item I wanted), I decided to give them a shot.

I only wanted two little things at the moment, more Path of Cenarius and my first batch of Path of Illidan.  I ordered, got my email within minutes, and went to redeem my codes.

Uh oh.

“Redemption Code Not Found” on my Path of Cenarius.

I immediately went into panic mode, since I use the husband’s credit card for everything was ready to hear all about getting scammed.

But my Path of Illidan redeemed just fine.

I checked their support section, which mostly covers what to do if your item won’t work in-game, but since I couldn’t even redeem the code, I filled out their contact form.

Within five minutes, I had two emails containing Path of Cenarius codes in my inbox.  Hmmmmm.  Those emails were followed by:

Click to enlarge!

Wow.  This was truly excellent customer service.  Extremely fast response time, admission of error, a resolution, and something extra for the inconvenience.

As a first-time customer, I am extremely satisfied and couldn’t wait to post about my enjoyable interaction with them.

So hats off to you, WootLoots.  I can’t wait to convince the husband that I need more silly digital items so I can order more!


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