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WoW: The Ironman Challenge

I found my way to a post on the forums regarding an Ironman Challenge (which I read about on Kamalia’s blog at some point as well) and I started to wonder if I could do it.  I mean, in theory, it shouldn’t be too hard to just level and…

oh.  Right.  Then I read the requirements.

It’s a pretty interesting idea.  There are definitely some parts of the rules that I might have a hard time with.  Let’s break it down quickly:

“Throw dice to randomize faction, race, and class; hit Randomize for looks.”

Right there, I already have a problem.  Race and class are not an issue for me… although… I’m not interested in dwarves or gnomes whatsoever and if I were to wind up with a rogue, I could pretty much call it a fail now.  Okay, maybe that part is hard.  But having to randomize my characters look is where I will draw the line.  Should I choose the undertake this, that part is right out the window.

1) No items equipped above “White” quality.

This will be difficult from a survivability standpoint as well as a fashion standpoint.  For one, the lack of stamina (regardless of class) will be murder.  I’m trying to imagine doing anything above level 10 without even a little boost like that.  Also, while many vendor items are stylish, BoP items offer so many other choices!

2) No heirlooms.

No problem there.

3) No talent points whatsoever (but trained abilities are allowed).

This part is very interesting.  So I wouldn’t be a feral druid or a combat rogue or a frost mage, I would just be the class.  That’s a neat idea.

4) No professions, primary or secondary, other than First Aid.

But I love cooking.  😦

5) No food or water above regular “White” quality vendor food.

I have a funny idea about this one but it makes sense.  A lack of buff food shouldn’t cause anyone pause.

6) No groups whatsoever, no guilds whatsoever.

Oh that’s just mean.  I love doing instances!  Although… I can’t imagine having to explain why a level 20… or 50… or 70… was wearing all whites and wasn’t talented.  Okay, yeah, that makes sense.

7) No enchants, scrolls, potions/elixirs, or glyphs.

I’m cheap, so I don’t usually glyph until 85 (except on healers), so no problem there.

8) No outside financial or equipment assistance.

But but but my baaaaaagspaaaaaace!!!!

9) No do-overs… death means delete and reroll.


So I decided to put my fate in the hands of and here were my results:

And thus, Aizera was born, on and close-my-eyes-and-randomly-click-a-hopefully-nonpvp-server Winterhoof-US.

Click to enlarge!

… yes, I picked the cutefase.  Don’t judge me.

Click to enlarge!

Off I went on my merry way, questing and killing boars and raptors.  The quests on Darkspear Isle are pretty awesome.

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!

I tidied up some unfinished Darkspear business and headed over to Sen’jin Village.

I felt safe in that I was a warlock and thus, had a pet.

Two scorpids had a very different idea.

Click to enlarge!

… damn it.

I only made it to level 5.  Oh well!  I have learned my lesson… kill, not dodge.  Dodging mobs will not work in this experiment.

Until Aizera #2’s adventure begins, farewell!

(… TYI will pick back up again, in addition to some shaman and paladin gear soon!  For those that still check back here, let me know if want straight fashion posts or if TYI/Ironman/etc. are something you want to keep seeing as well or if I should move it to another blog.  Thanks!)


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  1. I tagged you in a post I did today on The WoW Debutante…

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