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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Scroll of Resurrection, MoP Beta, and the Unannounced “Hiatus”

Oh dear.  It has been a ridiculous amount of time since I posted here.


I’ve been kept away mostly by work, unfortunately.  Things are a bit crazy (and will continue to be for a bit, sadly) but I’m doing my best to come back.  Meanwhile, if you know of any other awesome fashion blogs besides the ones I link in the sidebar, please let me know so I can add them to the blogroll!

MoP beta invites started last night!  As a long-time subscriber and also early adopter of the Annual Pass, I’m hoping for an invite fairly soon but who knows?  I’m incredibly excited to get a look at the new gear and weapons and also just bask in the beauty of Pandaria in general.

Just so this isn’t a fashion-less post, I have something silly to share.  Like Tyrael’s Charger, I knew from moment one that I would be completely unable to resist the siren song of the Spectral Wind Rider for Tanwen.  Fortunately, I have a secondary, on-again-off-again account that I used for a zhevra mount (and crazy-fast leveling of a druid and my second ever priest).  It lapsed sometime in 2011 and I assumed it would remain dead.  BUT.  Scroll of Resurrection just had to come along, didn’t it?

So I got to thinking… what am I missing?  What class do I not have at level 85?  Thus far, I have (get ready for this) four priests (belf, belf, human, and goblin), a paladin (belf), a mage (troll), a warlock (human), a druid (tauren), and two hunters (human and human).  I have a shaman at 80 (troll) and one at 83 (spacegoat).  I have a warrior at 73 (human)  A DK at 76 (belf).  And a rogue at… 27 (human).  Wow.  I could probably make a post about all of their “standard” outfits and… wait, I’m getting off track here.  The warrior, shamans, and DK will easily make it to 85 if I put my mind to it.  But a rogue… man, I am bad, bad, B-A-D, BAD at rogues.  How I even got to 27, I’ll never know.  I love the idea of a rogue, I really do.  I enjoy the thought of playing one.  But in practice… ehhhhhhh.  I died a lot, honestly, because there are so many buttons I don’t understand.

I chatted with one of my regular heroic/LFR buddies about what class I should pick.  He chose his paladin for some reason and sent the Scroll to his other account.  I continued to ponder.  Finally, I decided to just go for it and pick a rogue.  I knew it was the only way I would level one.

And so, without further ado(I say that a lot, don’t I?), I present… Tamirra/Allessity.


I created Tamirra on Cenarius (my old stomping grounds) thinking I could be slick and transfer some stuff to Hyjal with the free server transfer.  NOT SO.  I forgot that level 1 characters can’t bring, like, any gold with them anywhere.

So I picked a spec (Combat, per advice from the aforementioned friend), hit transfer with her totally broke, and off she went to Hyjal.

She left Cenarius as Tamirra and looking like this:


Click to enlarge!

And arrived on Hyjal as Allessity and looking like this:


Click to enlarge!

Click to see what she came with!

Unfortunately, the free transfer did not give the option of also paying for an account transfer (to my main account) so I had to wait three days for the cooldown.  NO WORRIES.  She couldn’t run around looking like that for long.  So my paladin dragged her through many, many Outland dungeons to get my favorite rogue set.  Then I transferred her to my main account and took her traipsing through UBRS and BRD (for skinning and an eye patch, respectively).  And then…


Click to enlarge!

Click here to see what she wound up in!

She looks like a REAL ROGUE.

Combat is crazy-easy, but I’m a caster at heart (as I’m sure everyone has guessed by now) so I picked up SpellFlash and the Rogue plugin for it to make it even easier.  And then, as if he somehow KNEW I was going to make this horrible mistake of having an 80 rogue, Chase Christian posted The Lazy Combat Build.  I’ll be soaking up gear with the other bads in LFR in no time!

Has anyone else used a Scroll to boost a class that you knew you’d never be able to play/level, I wonder?


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  1. Glad you’re back! I’ve missed you.

    I agree, a Rogue was definitely the best choice for your Scroll. The Transmogrification set you’ve put together for her looks awesome, very very much a Rogue. Congrats!

    Comment by kamalia | March 23, 2012 | Reply

    • Aw thanks! :3 Glad to be back!

      I really like the Assassination set. Maybe it’s the buckles or the black leather or maybe it’s the daggers conveniently located in the shoulders. I actually have the same set on one of my hunters (sans eye patch) but I obviously can’t ‘mog it for her. =/

      I only wish she were on an RP server… she would be such a badass.

      Comment by Tanwen | March 23, 2012 | Reply

  2. Rogue was most certainly the best choice for the Scroll of Resurrection, since leveling Rogues at lower levels is painful. Especially if you can’t level in BGs.

    When I leveled my Rogue, BGs didn’t give experience, and the twink brackets were understandably owned by twinks. It took me FOREVER to level my Rogue to 60 (41 days played). That Rogue now has over 370 days played, and has remained my main since I rolled it in 2006.

    Having since leveled a Paladin and Druid, I imagine leveling another rogue to 85/90 will prove near impossible (I have a second rogue on my home server, seemingly locked in at level 63).

    I will likely level my Druid first in Mists of Pandaria, since she levels quickly as a Guardian Tank, plus the ridiculous herbalism experience. I’m almost cringing at the idea of leveling more on the Rogue, though I know I will in due time.

    Comment by Bayushi | September 21, 2012 | Reply

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