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Mogging For The Horde! – The Others

I know Tanwen typically gets top billing when talking about pixelfashion and with good reason: she is my ultimate collector and model of all things WoW.  Her ‘closet’ is full of beautiful, rare, and difficult (and in some cases, now-impossible) to obtain items mixed with full tier sets and interesting staves.

For example, I have been doing Madness every week in LFR trying to get the darn staff to transmog into Intensity for the “blue dragon” outfit I finally put together:

Click to enlarge!

Click for outfit link!

I guess I’m stuck with my AQ mace and bottle of tears until DW gives up the staff!

ANYWAY.  This wasn’t about Tanwen, I forgot.  This is about my other Horde girls and their unique, uh, challenges when putting together their transmog sets.  So click through for the sets and a question.

First up is Tinkwen.  My goblin priest that I have such a love-hate relationship with.  She’s so cute and bubbly but… what the… her waist folds in on itself?!  Goblins have a very awkward body shape, making belts all but invisible in some outfits.  Nevertheless, I soldiered on to find something that would work for her.

To me, Tinkwen is an Airborne Priest by day, alchemist by night.  She is daring and is afraid of very little but is content to dismantle leaves and stems and fiddle with beakers and burners in her spare time.  I think the ‘simplicity’ of the Silver-Thread Robe lends itself to this sort of relaxation.  I think her shoulders could use some work (something smaller, maybe another piece of the Silver-Thread set?) but overall I find it to be a good fit.

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Next up is the artist formerly known as Calixte, Eleora.  Eleora was supposed to be race-changed to a tauren many months ago but I got her to 85 and then just never got around to it.

Calixte/Eleora (in elf form) never had a ‘story’ to me, which is very odd.  She was just a priest I took to alt raids and dungeons to bum around.  So I decided to give her a completely Sue-ish personality: she’s a red dragon!  She’s not doing anything special when hiding in elf form… typically, she’s just hanging out and not being a gigantic dragon.

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Following the Sue is my simple druid, Thuraia.  She’s not a dragon or a hero or anything ‘special’… she’s just a druid.  She likes plants.  She spends most of her time in cat or flight form, so her clothes matter little to her.

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My mage was probably the most difficult of all my Horde ladies to ‘mog.  I desperately just wanted her in an Ancestral Robe and that’s it… but transmog doesn’t allow for that, eh?  So I wanted to combine her tribal feel that she’s always had to me with her frost spec.

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And now the paladin.  Oh, Caerwyn.  She is/was a labor of love.  The times I logged in for the sole purpose of checking the Auction House for another piece of her set.  Logging out.  Logging in later.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

I built the set from the mace.  The inherent fiery-red glow just screams “HIT THINGS” and that’s what she does (even though I’m bad, shh.)  I put together a Holy set for her too, and the shield is supposed to match that… but, uh, I haven’t found a mace I like yet.  Also, Holy paladins are evil.

Click to enlarge!

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Luminosa, my undead priest.  I made her to see the world through Forsaken eyes, from beginning to end.  I imagine she was a chirurgeon in Lordaeron before the plague, doing her best to help people.  But of course, she clearly didn’t make it out alive.  Raised by Sylvanas (quite against her will), she figured she might as well make the best of it, especially considering the Alliance was trying to deny the true citizens of Lordaeron a home and all… ah, yes.  An apothecary is born.  She’s still pretty surly about the whole “rotting flesh” thing but I think she’s getting over it.

Click to enlarge!

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I know Allessity got her own post just before, but she’s part of the girls, damn it!

Allessity is pretty rough-and-tumble, for an elf.  She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty and, uh, she actually might like it.  Aaaanyway, she’s a sword (or dagger or mace or poison or garrote…) for hire and dresses the part.  As a side note, finding an off-hand dagger to transmog at 80 is pretty dang impossible.

Click to enlarge!

Click for outfit link!

And now for the question!  I was wondering what type of ‘collection’ people feel is more ‘valuable’.  The “raided everything from MC to DS and has the pretties to prove it” or the grueling grind for specific pieces from a dungeon or the time-consuming AH camp for those precious world-drop greens?


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  1. Love the post as always!
    My two cents: coming from an avid gear hoarder, from heroic raids to lowly greens, I have to say getting vanity gear from raids is a much bigger accomplishment.
    Greens you can find from the ah, no matter how rare.
    To get the best vanity gear that really shines you have to either make/join pugs and roll against ten other people or even beat against the dreadful rng of droprates. (Im looking at you ulduar 25man *shakes fist*)
    Especially with current content it can be hard to explain why you needed on that robe – although transmog helped a bit with excuses. 😛

    Comment by Sahre | April 20, 2012 | Reply

    • Uggggh, raid gear for transmog. x.x I don’t even know how many Bloodboil kills I have trying to get the Staff of Immaculate Recovery. I have farmed so many other things (from gear to mounts to whatever) and still the priest on a stick eludes me! I value my raid-acquired items above all else because they’re pretty much either unavailable at present or are things I could not farm alone to get again.

      Comment by Tanwen | April 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. […] Mogging For The Horde! – The Others ( […]

    Pingback by Apocalypse Rising 042112 | My Writer's Cramp | April 23, 2012 | Reply

  3. For me, my most valuable mog items come from all the old raids back when they were current. For some reason, the Fang of Leviathan I’ve been keeping since TBC holds much more worth to me than the Blade of Savagery I looted just a month ago. To me, transmogging is not just a method of making yourself look pretty, it’s to show off the trophies you keep in your bank as well!

    Comment by Dizzy | April 25, 2012 | Reply

  4. Haven’t checked on your blog in awhile – nice to see something new here! Miss you on WA and Remnants – maybe we can do something there. Love your writing and your work – but that’s a given, of course.

    Comment by Malaw McKenna | May 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Aw! Miss you too, of course. Things have been pretty crazy but I’m trying to start a new RP side project right now to kill time since MoP is still (based on the state of the beta) at least a few months out. I’ll be posting when I can. 🙂

      Comment by Tanwen | May 9, 2012 | Reply

  5. They all look lovely!
    That Goblin waist thing is really rather annoying, but you’ve worked around it quite well. I love the idea of Tinkwen being an Airborne Priest!
    Thuraia’s gear looks great for a Feral Druid 😀
    I think Luminosa and my Kaprikka would get along famously, both being members of the RAS.

    I think both kinds of collections have merit, but certainly the “old raiding souvenirs” collection has more sentimental meaning attached to it.

    Comment by kamaliaetalia | May 12, 2012 | Reply

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