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The Lonely RP Project

This started as a semi-joke with a friend on Wyrmrest Accord: creating an alt on a server where I have nothing (gold, bags, mats, rides, guilds, clothes, or friends), leveling, and setting up an outfit and RP story every 10 levels.  I don’t know how this actually happened but apparently I’m doing it.

I decided to create two alts for this.  I think I am being a bit ambitious but it will be fun anyway.

I toyed around with a couple server ideas.  While RP servers seem like a given, I considered some non-RP servers as well.  But in the end, I settled for Moon Guard, the home of my original (but terrible) WoW RP experiences.

I deleted some old alts from old servers (darn that 50 max character limit!) and Morrisa Gray and Jael’andra Dawnveil were spawned.

Click to enlarge!

I foresee a few challenges with my personal experiment of sorts.  First, I don’t really RP anymore.  It’s not that I don’t want to but somewhere between RPing daily and being in a hardcore raiding guild nearing the end of WotLK, I feel like much of WrA has changed (culture-wise).  A lot of old faces are conspicuously missing, there seems to be a bit less RP than I remember, and oh, right, I’m totally out of practice, so I could be making ALL of this up in my head as an excuse to not dive back in.  (All of the above are totally possible.)  Number two, I don’t know if you all noticed, but I don’t write here very often.  How am I going to find the time to write what will break down to two or more RP stories per week (in the beginning, anyway)?  That’s part of the challenge, I guess.  And of course, thirdly, I am easily distracted and will just as soon stand in Orgrimmar and tab out to Twitter or YouTube.  With Mists of Pandaria woefully behind the schedule I had in my head (I was hoping for a July release but that doesn’t seem remotely imaginable) and Ashes quitting for SWTOR, I have some free time.  Because, let’s face it, running LFR on endless priests isn’t really playing anymore.

I had to sit myself down and have a very serious discussion about what classes I would do this with.  For those of you screaming “PRIEST!!”, you would be right.  Except I didn’t do it!  I’m very proud of myself.  Unfortunately, I fell back to Morrisa as a warlock and Jael’andra as (surprise, surprise!) a hunter.  Pet classes are always fun, for one, and I will have a few armor types to choose from when creating the outfits.  Also TAMING PETS.  As if three hunters weren’t enough.

I have a loose idea for both characters, but they’re extremely rough sketches.  They will be pretty fluid, growing as they go (as all characters do, I guess!) and finding whatever they can along the way.

SO.  If you play on Moon Guard and see the human warlock Morrisa or blood elf hunter Jael’andra, feel free to say hello!  We’ll see how this goes.


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  1. Two characters — that *is* ambitious! I enjoyed your story about Morrisa at level 10, and am looking forward to future episodes!

    Comment by kamaliaetalia | May 16, 2012 | Reply

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