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A funny thing happened on the way to the instance…

Holy cats, it’s been over two years.  Whooooops.

We’ll just move past that and right into the updates!

I DID A PODCAST.  Actually, I was a guest on The Peeples Forum for the second time.  First time was about Walking Dead, this time was about WoW!  You can list here: The Peeples Forum.

I picked up raiding again in Cataclysm, then stopped late in Mists of Pandaria yet again.  I know, hot and cold, right?  Anyway, I have been raiding for what seems like forever (which I  say with all fondness) and now I am focused on another hobby IRL: the Society for Creative Anachronism.  (And no, it’s not LARPing, but thanks for asking.)

That being said, I got to enjoy the tail end of MoP and now into Warlords of Draenor very, very casually.  For example, I didn’t play on release day… I was out of town, because Blizzard decided to not do a release on Tuesday for the first time ever when I wouldn’t be here… and it was okay.  I wanted to play but I didn’t panic.  That’s a big step from needing to hit max level fast to get into raids ASAP.  I also got some time to just level alts, farm transmog stuff, and overall just hang out in game.

Speaking of leveling alts, I closed out MoP with a staggering 14 level 90’s.  Yes, that’s duplicating some classes, and no, it’s not five extra priests… only three this time.  More on those alts (with their MoP pre-updated model screenshots) after the jump.


90 Tanwen
Tanwen Silverstar, Discipline healing extraordinaire.  Very dedicated to her people, especially Lore’themar and his leadership, but also very diplomatic; she looks for ways for both factions to work together, always.

90 Caerwyn
Caerwyn Goldorchid, a larger-than-life Retribution paladin; much taller and stockier than would be usual for her race, she’s a powerhouse of divine fury.

90 Tamesis
Tamesis Darkwhisper, Destruction warlock of doom.  Fire and brimstone seem to radiate from her.

90 Avelixx
Avelixx Firegear, Elemental shaman with a Resto streak.  She’ll lob a Lavaburst in your face as quick as she will a Healing Tide Totem.

90 Sinarra
Sinarra, Arcane mage with a touch of voodoo.  Who knows what she might polymorph you into next?

90 Luminosa
Luminosa Haven, Shadow priest and zealous member of the Forsaken.  Vol’jin is not HER Warchief…

90 Allessity
Allessity, Combat rogue of questionable morals.  Known only by her first name… if it is, in fact, her name at all… she always seems to pop up in the most convenient places with the most valuable assortment of trinkets to fence…


90 Bizarro Tanwen
Tanwen Brightamber, mouthy Discipline priest with a Shadowy side she tries (and fails) to hide.  She’s stood up to some of the most villainous Stormwind has to offer and stopped a plague from destroying the Alliance, but all she really needs is a hug.

90 Etana
Etana Newbury, Arms warrior and overall angrypants.  A widow from Duskwood, she lost her family to the worgen in the woods, so she’s none-too-pleased about fighting by their side.

90 Raisana
Raisana Halifax, bookish Arcane mage who typically eschews the robes indicative of her order and tries to blend in with the crowd.

90 Celarus
Celarus Brightamber, Tanwen’s Frost death knight sister who died in Lordaeron, then came back under the Lich King’s control, then broke free, then disappeared, and now is back.  For reals.

90 Abriella
Abriella Delauney, carefree Beast Mastery hunter raised in Stranglethorn among the goblins and all the free-trade and cross-faction swaps that came with them.  She’s super relaxed, loves all of the animal kingdom, and is quite tolerant of the Horde.

90 Bellisale
Bellisale Ashwhisper, Balance druid with some xenophobic tendencies.  She’s quite contest to hang out in Darnassus all by her lonesome.

90 Emmalyra
Emmalyra, Windwalker monk with a misty past; not much is known about her, but she doesn’t seem to care for shoes.

Wow.  Lots of leveling in MoP.  I only have Tanwen (belf!), Caerwyn, and Abriella to 100 so far, though, so I’m taking it easy this early in WoD.

Moving on, I wanted to talk about some of the new features in WoD (and at least one from from MoP).

* My Wishlist page asked for “more things to set on the ground” and MoP and WoD have both given that to us in spades!  The mushroom chair from Cataclysm was like the opening of a floodgate and now we have golden bananas, star charts, a permanent Vargoth, and so much more!  Guess I can cross that off for now.

* And the toybox!  Now everyone has everything and that is rad.

* Another void storage tab… this was needed but I would like five more, thank you.  Between this and the toybox, I had bag and bank space… for about five minutes but still.

* Transmog for enchants, including having no visible enchant.  This is amazing, because melee always had the best enchants (Mongoose!) or I needed something to be super-plain, but Spellpower was all purple and red and glowy.  Good call, Blizz.

* Garrisons… well, it’s not player housing but it’s a nice start.  Taking off from the farm in MoP (which I liked!), we got a whole lot of farming to do in WoD.  While I will say this is the first time I have really felt like not logging in for a day puts me behind, I dig it.  I wish there was more customizability and though Blizzard has said this will be WoD-only, the popularity of garrisons will likely assure their place in future expansions.

* And last, but certainly not least, new character models!  I will admit that it took a long time for me to warm up to them, especially the new humans.  But I have decided I like that.  Especially with fully-rigged faces!  I’m cautiously optimistic about the blood elf overhaul… but mostly I’m nervous.

Okay then.  Now, let’s look to the future of It’s For My RP Spec!  Firstly, I really bit off more than I could chew with The Lonely RP Project.  In fact, I have deleted Morrisa and recreated her as a rogue (who is 60 now, ha).  Jael’andra is now 80!  I just didn’t really have the time nor the direction to give their stories the treatment they deserved.  So the characters live on but their stories do not.

I’m looking to updates once a week when I can.  We’re in tournament season in the SCA, though, and  that means my time is a little wonky.  I have a few posts in the works already, including mogs for all of my current 100’s, my bank alts and their non-mogged fashion, and other fun goodies.

So that’s the update I have for now!  I’m currently leveling a priest on a PvP server, so hopefully I can come up with some appropriately-thematic mogs for that!  I really appreciate anyone who still randomly checks this blog and assure you, more is coming!

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