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Oh hi!

Clearly, another unexpected hiatus happened.  I recently accepted an amazing career opportunity that is occupying much of my time and, as you can see from above, Ashes has started raiding again!  I’m still planning on working The Lonely RP Project, so fear not!  The girls will be back.

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The Lonely RP Project

This started as a semi-joke with a friend on Wyrmrest Accord: creating an alt on a server where I have nothing (gold, bags, mats, rides, guilds, clothes, or friends), leveling, and setting up an outfit and RP story every 10 levels.  I don’t know how this actually happened but apparently I’m doing it.

I decided to create two alts for this.  I think I am being a bit ambitious but it will be fun anyway.

I toyed around with a couple server ideas.  While RP servers seem like a given, I considered some non-RP servers as well.  But in the end, I settled for Moon Guard, the home of my original (but terrible) WoW RP experiences.

I deleted some old alts from old servers (darn that 50 max character limit!) and Morrisa Gray and Jael’andra Dawnveil were spawned.
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The End Of An Era

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