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Fashion Foundations (Part 1?!)

Before I even start on this entry, I wanted to share this video. Confessions of a Shopaholic is (surprise!) a movie I really like and the soundtrack is really adorable. This song is obviously very appropriate for this entry.

Ahem. Anyway.

As in real-world fashion, accessories are an important part of WoW fashion. The right boots, the perfectly-toned undershirt, a great pair of matching bracers… these are the things that can really pull an outfit together. Certainly that pair of Epic Pants of Epicness look great without a belt… but how much better would it look if you did add the Uber Belt of Uberness? In addition to tying an outfit together, having some basic accessories/key pieces can really save you on bagspace! And if these pieces aren’t soulbound? Mail them off to your RP bank alt when you’re not using them!

This entry will be about the basic pieces I keep on hand to wear with… well, just about everything. A good number of them common quality or lower, so they don’t bind and can thus be mailed to my fashion guild bank.


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