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What To Do When Your Battlegroup Goes Down!

Ah, maintenance day. How I hate you. You swoop in on my day off and crush all my dungeon-grinding plans and…


My realm is down for 24 hours?

My whole battlegroup is down for 24 hours?!

Almost all of the servers that I frequent rest within the buggy Whirlwind battlegroup. Our time for the dreaded 24 hour maintenance is finally upon us.

Whatever will I do?

Why, play alts on other battlegroups, of course!

While I have very few characters outside of Whirlwind, I do have a few notable ones. And by “notable” I clearly mean “alts I have WoWBarbie’d”.

Namely, Celarus, level draenei 62 priest on Ysera-US.

Celarus began her life as a baby draenei on Eitrigg-US. Her name was Sitara and she was a drunken promise to help friends in Karazhan. Yes, that long ago. She stalled at level 50 and there she stayed. Until! Kiore and some other friends were playing on Ysera! So I transferred my little wannabe mana battery off to Ysera to forge a new life as a healer.

But along the way, something funny happened… her wardrobe grew… and grew… and grew.

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