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Bizarro Tanwen: Across Factions & Back Again

Bizarro Tanwen. You have been both human and blood elf. You have been shadow, holy, and discipline (sidenote: I am a terrible shadowpriest). You have been kidnapped, corrupted, engaged, mind-linked, suicidal, addicted to sleeping potions, nearly insane, obsessed, haunted, vengeful, and so many other random things that it’s a surprise that you’re not in therapy. You have cured a plague, killed in cold blood, survived Northrend, and returned as an entirely new you.

Now that Bizarro Tanwen is back to human (her little jaunt as a blood elf was a mistake, being that I never really got into the RP on WrA Horde-side), it was time to start documenting her outfits. This is by no means an exhaustive list but a sampling of my favorites. A lot of them us some of the same accessories (boots or bracers, for example) in the name of saving space in the bank.

So without further ado, Bizarro Tanwen’s fabulous closet! Her Flag and clothes after the jump.

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What To Do When Your Battlegroup Goes Down!

Ah, maintenance day. How I hate you. You swoop in on my day off and crush all my dungeon-grinding plans and…


My realm is down for 24 hours?

My whole battlegroup is down for 24 hours?!

Almost all of the servers that I frequent rest within the buggy Whirlwind battlegroup. Our time for the dreaded 24 hour maintenance is finally upon us.

Whatever will I do?

Why, play alts on other battlegroups, of course!

While I have very few characters outside of Whirlwind, I do have a few notable ones. And by “notable” I clearly mean “alts I have WoWBarbie’d”.

Namely, Celarus, level draenei 62 priest on Ysera-US.

Celarus began her life as a baby draenei on Eitrigg-US. Her name was Sitara and she was a drunken promise to help friends in Karazhan. Yes, that long ago. She stalled at level 50 and there she stayed. Until! Kiore and some other friends were playing on Ysera! So I transferred my little wannabe mana battery off to Ysera to forge a new life as a healer.

But along the way, something funny happened… her wardrobe grew… and grew… and grew.

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Ode To Healers

Ah, healers! The life of the party, so to speak.

Sometimes we kite things, sometimes we off-tank adds or bosses, sometimes we soak terrible debuffs. In the end, though, healers bring the green.

I have been a healer since mid-BC now, having long-abandoned my poor mage. Since rolling Tanwen as a joke, I have leveled two priests besides her to 80 and have another at 60. The priest/healer stereotype comments roll in but haters gonna hate. (This is not even mentioning my 80 resto shaman and 76 soon-to-be-resto druid…)

And so I present: An Ode To Healings Classes.

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Priest Tier Sets Part 1

While it’s likely that I will mostly write entries about non-tier items (read: anyone can use them!), I thought I should get my tier collection out of the way.

Currently, I have: 8/8 Tier .5 (D2), 8/8 Tier 1, 8/8 Tier 2, 5/5 Tier 2.5, and 7/8 Tier 6. I have also had complete sets of Tier 7 (both 10 and 25), 8, and 9, but in the interest of bank space, have long-since vendored all but the robes and, in some cases, shoulders. I also have a robe for Tier 4 and 5.

Priest tier is overall pretty amazing! From the soft yellow/white of D2 to the sinister visage of Tier 6, WoW’s consummate healer has been fortunate enough to avoid the extreme fashion faux pas (unlike our sometimes-healing counterpart, paladins… banana shoulders anyone?). While warlocks typically have extremely detailed moving/glowing/wingspanning sets, priests have enjoyed a reputation of stylish and classy tier gear.

Sidenote: Tanwen has been and always will be a Sin’dorei. All of the pre-BC tiers were collected at level 70 and above.

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