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WootLoots: +1!

I interrupt these irregularly scheduled TYI’s to bring you a short commercial break.


It’s not actually a commercial, but more of a personal endorsement.

Because WoWInsider has been doing the 12 Days of Winter Veil, they have had items donated from a  TCG loot site,  As they are clearly endorsed by WoWInsider (and WoWTCGLoot was out of an item I wanted), I decided to give them a shot.

I only wanted two little things at the moment, more Path of Cenarius and my first batch of Path of Illidan.  I ordered, got my email within minutes, and went to redeem my codes.

Uh oh.

“Redemption Code Not Found” on my Path of Cenarius.

I immediately went into panic mode, since I use the husband’s credit card for everything was ready to hear all about getting scammed.

But my Path of Illidan redeemed just fine.

I checked their support section, which mostly covers what to do if your item won’t work in-game, but since I couldn’t even redeem the code, I filled out their contact form.

Within five minutes, I had two emails containing Path of Cenarius codes in my inbox.  Hmmmmm.  Those emails were followed by:

Click to enlarge!

Wow.  This was truly excellent customer service.  Extremely fast response time, admission of error, a resolution, and something extra for the inconvenience.

As a first-time customer, I am extremely satisfied and couldn’t wait to post about my enjoyable interaction with them.

So hats off to you, WootLoots.  I can’t wait to convince the husband that I need more silly digital items so I can order more!


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Where It All Begins, Again.

While my pixelfashion obsession started pretty much when I rolled my old main, it wasn’t fully catalogued (at the time, anyway; I’m not sure I have the space to screenshot and document every outfit across every character at this point) until mid-2009. I was in a hardcore progression guild, raiding four nights a week and downing server firsts. But… what exactly does one do once everything is on farm and the next tier of content won’t be out for awhile?

I found the answer in a LiveJournal community, WoW_Ladies. I had been a member there pretty much since I started playing WoW but never really posted. But one day I screenshotted my collection as it stood then and posted it up for all to see. This inspired my post about my mount collection at the time (which will probably come in another post, I have roughly 30+ more mounts now) and, eventually, led to the idea of having a blog about my clothes.

And that leads me to this post. A little walk down memory lane, if you will, back before I completed any of my tier sets or acquired some weapons that I had been farming for consistently. So here it is, my ‘collection’ when I really thought it was complete. Man, was I wrong.

(I don’t have outfit links for these outfits, as I don’t have a complete listing of their components, but sometimes it’s just fun to look, right?)


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