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A funny thing happened on the way to the instance…

Holy cats, it’s been over two years.  Whooooops.

We’ll just move past that and right into the updates!

I DID A PODCAST.  Actually, I was a guest on The Peeples Forum for the second time.  First time was about Walking Dead, this time was about WoW!  You can list here: The Peeples Forum.

I picked up raiding again in Cataclysm, then stopped late in Mists of Pandaria yet again.  I know, hot and cold, right?  Anyway, I have been raiding for what seems like forever (which I  say with all fondness) and now I am focused on another hobby IRL: the Society for Creative Anachronism.  (And no, it’s not LARPing, but thanks for asking.)

That being said, I got to enjoy the tail end of MoP and now into Warlords of Draenor very, very casually.  For example, I didn’t play on release day… I was out of town, because Blizzard decided to not do a release on Tuesday for the first time ever when I wouldn’t be here… and it was okay.  I wanted to play but I didn’t panic.  That’s a big step from needing to hit max level fast to get into raids ASAP.  I also got some time to just level alts, farm transmog stuff, and overall just hang out in game.

Speaking of leveling alts, I closed out MoP with a staggering 14 level 90’s.  Yes, that’s duplicating some classes, and no, it’s not five extra priests… only three this time.  More on those alts (with their MoP pre-updated model screenshots) after the jump.

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24 Hours of Patch 4.3

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Now that I’ve had roughly 24 hours to mess around with the 4.3 features, let’s talk turkey.  Or transmog.  Or gold sinks.  Or whatever!

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Prepping For Transmogrification: Alliance Edition

Getting ready to ‘mog all my characters has been a very fun… and very frustrating… experience.  For some of my girls, all of their outfits have been ready to go for years (literally, years) because I’m such a packrat.  For others, though, it has been a slog through old content week in and week out, trying to get that one final piece to complete the outfit (Staff of Immaculate Recovery, I’m looking at you! /shakesfist).  That being said, I have not completed Real Tanwen’s ‘mog sets yet because there are a few key items missing (such as the aforementioned staff, Chronicle of Dark Secrets, Apostle of Argus, and Crystal Spire of Karabor… wow, I have really bad luck with weapons, eh?) and I don’t feel like the sets are complete until I have them.  My Alliance girls, however, seem to be pretty set for outfits.

With four Alliance ladies at 85, I was prepared to have to farm quite a bit for what I wanted.  Apparently not!  Some, like Bizarro Tanwen, had everything they needed in their bank.  Others, like my hunters, just needed a quick trip to the AH to complete their sets.

Follow the jump to see all four girls in all five outfits!

***A note before we get started: Since most of my characters wear robes, there will often times be a link missing pants and (possibly) bracers; this is because they are not visible with the outfit.

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Happy 2011!

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Happy New Year, pixel fashionistas!  I hope to have a lot more content in the coming year and look forward to sharing my outfits with anyone who actually reads this.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and beyond!

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