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Priest Tier Sets Part 1

While it’s likely that I will mostly write entries about non-tier items (read: anyone can use them!), I thought I should get my tier collection out of the way.

Currently, I have: 8/8 Tier .5 (D2), 8/8 Tier 1, 8/8 Tier 2, 5/5 Tier 2.5, and 7/8 Tier 6. I have also had complete sets of Tier 7 (both 10 and 25), 8, and 9, but in the interest of bank space, have long-since vendored all but the robes and, in some cases, shoulders. I also have a robe for Tier 4 and 5.

Priest tier is overall pretty amazing! From the soft yellow/white of D2 to the sinister visage of Tier 6, WoW’s consummate healer has been fortunate enough to avoid the extreme fashion faux pas (unlike our sometimes-healing counterpart, paladins… banana shoulders anyone?). While warlocks typically have extremely detailed moving/glowing/wingspanning sets, priests have enjoyed a reputation of stylish and classy tier gear.

Sidenote: Tanwen has been and always will be a Sin’dorei. All of the pre-BC tiers were collected at level 70 and above.

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