It's For My RP Spec!

Rolling on dresses since 2005.


MOAR BANKSPACE. I am well aware that Blizzard has stated that actual technical restraints prevent them from making our banks bigger but hear me out: I would pay an additional $5 a month for a double-sized bank. Are you listening, Blizzard?!  Alternately, I would accept a “closet” to store RP gear.  But that’s much too ridiculous.  Blizzard listened (sorta)!!

More hoods like this and this. The mage Tier 5 hood and priest Tier 6 hoods are AMAZING.  Let me write that again, AMAZING.  Full hoods or hoods that look like they are actually a hood as opposed to a cowl are very needed.

A cloth version of Cursed Vision of Sargeras. I do a lot of Model Viewer images with Tanwen in Absolution with that blindfold.  It doesn’t even need stats.  It could cost 10,000 gold, I would buy it.

A permanent version of Spirit Candle. I bought a ton of these (because I apparently cannot read) for my evil warlock to use around her house when this event came out and mailed them to a bank alt.  They promptly crashed me when I tried to retrieve them a few days later.  This is a great item and looks freaking amazing.

The option to hide shoulder armor. Let’s be honest, a lot of shoulders look pretty stupid.  Some are great, this is true, but many are over- or under-sized, garish colors, mangled shapes, or even all of the above!  Please, Blizzard, let me hide these crimes against fashion.

More things I can set on the ground. This sounds very vague (it is), but hear me out.  I do not have enough things to set out during RP, while defending the Blacksmith, or while rebuffing during raid.  One that comes to mind is Talvash’s Scrying Bowl.  I saved and used this in RP on Bizarro Tanwen; the stupid thing has charges and doesn’t last long but having a permanent one would be very helpful.

Expanded hairstyle sharing. Not going to lie, I want the night elf Long haircut for Tanwen.

Dance Studios. Well.  A girl can dream, right?

I will add more to this as I think of other retarded things I selfishly want.

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